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When you look for a company to manage the logistics or foreign trade of your products, you want an experienced and reliable partner.

We are WAMC Log, specialists in foreign trade, with a highly qualified team, ready to meet the needs and requirements of each market and recommend the best solutions in any type of import and export operation.

While your company focuses on your business, WAMC Log manages the importation and exportation of your products so that your products arrive properly, within the appropriate timeframe to your destination.

Since 2001, we have been operating in the entire logistics chain: international freight, customs clearance, road transport, international insurance, consulting and advice for any type of cargo or merchandise and with a wide range of trasportations modal configurations (air, sea, road and/or rail).

WAMC Log develops specific legal and tax procedures for your need in any type of import and export operation. We carefully follow the process for your merchandise to arrive or leave the country until the billing process. With intensive use of technology, knowledge and care, we combine high quality with fair prices.

The partner you look for your import and export operations.

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