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Industry Sectors

WAMC Log counts with experienced professionals ready to assist your company in defining the best modalities for shipping and receiving goods. While your company focuses on your business, we manage the import and export of your products so that your products arrive properly, in the right timeframe to your destination.

We have been working closely in agribusiness, chemical industry, auto parts, medicines and clothing.


Import and export of veterinary drugs and animal nutrition products. Monitoring and management the entire process with MAPA and ANVISA is part of our team concearns within this industry segment.

Chemical Industry

We advise your company to import and export products and supplies for the chemical industry, in the segments: oil and gas, plastic industry among others.


The high transaction volume of autoparts industry requires a partner who has agility, monitorers the process and that has industry knowledge. Imports and exports of automotive parts and parts is part of our portfolio.


Inputs, yarns, fabrics and fully finished parts are part of WAMC Log’s activities in the fashion and garment industry.

Household Utilities and Appliances

With the increasing addition of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to this sector, WAMC perceived the need to have a team directed to this type of product. Due to the fact that some of the goods demand to be imported, the companies need to have qualified professionals to handle all the customs procedures.

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