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Chemical Industry

The import and export process of chemical products implies various requirements and becomes more complex according to the degree of dangerousness of the substances and goods transported.

Hazardous product is any substance that, due to its physical and chemical characteristics, can offer, when in transport, risks to public safety, human health and the environment, in accordance with the UN classification criteria, published through the Portaria (Ordinance) No 204/97 of the Ministério dos Transportes (Transportation Legal Authority). The classification of these products is based on the type of risk they present.

WAMC Log knows and applies the regulations specific to each mode of transportation, such as special packaging, possible quantity limitations, handling and transportation times, routes, and even some bans.

The Prior Informed Consent Procedure (PIC, Regulation (EU) 649/2012) regulates the import and export of hazardous chemicals and imposes obligations on companies wishing to purchase or sell these chemicals internationally.

Due to the complexity and the legal obligations involed on this process, it is always good to have professionals who can assist in the best and safest logistics to be considered in international transport, besides analyzing whether or not a chemical has requirements of local authorities, in Brazil as well as abroad.

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