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Positioned strategically to the Imigrantes and Rodoanel highways for quick access to the main ports and airports in São Paulo, our management and analysts teams attend to the beginning of the demands, offering from the appropriate commercial treatment to the logistics and foreign trade consultancy, aligning processes and adequately instructing all the branches.

Contact information

Phone: (+55 11) 5067-3080

Address: Rua Domingos de Morais, 2.187 | Bloco PARIS | 3º Andar | Salas: 320,321,322 | Vila Mariana

City: São Paulo State: SP

Postal Code (CEP): 04.153-001


Located next to the Port of Santos, the largest in Latin America, our front-line operational team is in place for the on-site monitoring of import and import processes, interacting with terminals and customs authorities.

Contact Information

Phone: (+55 13) 3219-2830

Address: Rua Padre Anchieta, nº 104 | Bairro Macuco | Santos | SP

City: Santos State – SP

Postal Code (CEP): 11015-120


The support to the clients located in this area is carried out in this unit by highly qualified staff dealing with ​​customs clearance and in constant communication with the Head Office. Due to the characteristic of the products imported and exported by our clients, ​we offer specialized team to analyze and expedite all procedures with ANVISA and MAPA, providing credibility, agility and confidence.

Contact Information

Phone: (+55 19) 3733-1817

Address: Rua Luzitana, 740 | 6º andar | Salas 62 | Centro

City: Campinas State: SP

Postal Code (CEP): 13.015-120


At this subsidiary is strategically located our storage center for national transportation. From this point, we coordinate all the operations related to the internal logistics of the vehicles through the planning of the whole fleet, through the weekly orders of our clients taking into account the times for the collection and delivery of merchandise safely and within the pre-established deadline.

Contact Information

Phone: (+5513) 3222-4546

Address: Rua Padre Anchieta, nº 104 | Bairro Macuco | Santos | SP

City: Santos State – SP

Postal Code (CEP): 11015-120

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