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With a trained and qualified team in international logistics and foreign trade, WAMC Log works besides the client, analyzing the needs of its customers and always looking for the best transportation arrangement to be considered in import and export processes. The goal of our team is to deliver your products safely and in the appropriate deadlines at their destination

Registration as a foreign trader in Brazil (RADAR)

Our team has the experience of enabling companies to be qualifyed as individual or legal entity that wants to start activities in the area of ​​foreign trade and become an importer and/or exporter in Brazil.

International Freight

Our team advise your company to choose the best transportation oprtion for shipping or receiving goods according to your business needs and characteristics.

Customs Clearance

WAMC log has a complete and preventive service, speeding up the release of your goods with the competent bodies, and reducing it´s global costs.

Ground Transportation

From the planning to the delivery of your cargo, all is strategically defined by our specialized team. It´s taking into account the needs and characteristics of the products. Our goal is to be fast and safe on the process.

The partner you look for your import and export operations.

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