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Customs Clearance

​The Customs clearance is the release of a merchandise by Receita Federal (Brazilian authority – RFB) for entry into the country (in case of importation) or exit (in case of export).

In short, the merchandise to be authorized to enter or leave Brazilian territory needs to be cleared by the legal authority that verifies the documents and data declared by the importer and / or exporter to confirm the legality of the operation.

​Customs clearance register is done in Siscomex, a system developed by the government to the registration, monitoring and control.

Our team acts in a preventive way, guiding before and during the process and defining together with the client the correct way to get your goods delivered quickly and without problems.

Our analysts are present in the main ports and airports so that clients have all the follow-up of their processes and so that we can be operationally in situ if any clarifications and corrective actions are necessary.

In addition, WAMC Log supports projects and special schemes in foreign trade operations in which imports / exports enjoy tax benefits such as exemption, partial or total suspension of incident taxes.

These include:

  • Customs warehouse
  • Temporary admission
  • Temporary export
  • Customs Transit
  • Drawback
  • Recof
  • Special Deposit

Our team can help you. We evaluate all options regarding the nature of your business.

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