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​Registration of Brazilian Companies to become importers and exporters (RADAR)

Does your company have plans to import and export products or supplies?

​Enabling RADAR / Siscomex is the first step in accessing the world of foreign trade.

We have a specialized team to accredit your company, we take care of step by step to obtain the qualification of the individual or legal entity that wants to start activities in the area of ​​foreign trade and become an importer and exporter.

Our process includes:


We understand your need, we fit in the most appropriate modality and we verify if your company meets the requirements of habilitation of RADAR.


We guide and execute the entire documentary process, checking and selecting all the documents usually required for each modality, ​filling in forms as determined by the Federal Agent requirements for proper analysis and approval of the individual or legal entity’s accreditation.


The whole process after being registered with the competent body is monitored daily by our analysts until its finalization. If there are requirements, these will be promptly informed to the customer for later compliance.

RADAR x Siscomex

Radar and Siscomex are different things, but they have a complementary relationship.

Radar means Registration Environment and Tracking of Acting of Customs Interveners. Through it the companies are authorized to operate with the Federal Revenue as importers and exporters.

Siscomex is an integrated system of Foreign Trade, where the records of the processes of import or export of the companies are made.

In order to carry out operations in Siscomex, the legal responsible for the company (partner) must be registered in this system and, only after this registration, can accredit a legal representative (dispatcher or employee) that will act in the process of customs clearance.

The partner you look for your import and export operations.

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