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The conjoined act RFB/SCS n°1908 from SECEX, from 19th July of 2012, established the Siscoserv (Integrated System of Foreign Trade of Services, Intangibles and Other Operations that Produce Variations in the Patrimony), system for control of the hired services from Brazilian companies of providers who live abroad. This act defines that the registry of all operations is mandatory, as is the definition of due dates; it does not generate costs and it is done only so after the concretization of the provided service. But it is important to emphasize that its non-launch or delay will generate fines to the companies. 

Between the main obligatory registries to import and export operations companies, we can mention the international freight via sea or air, aquisition of data processing systems and hiring services from foreign professionals. 

In order to help our clients meet the requirements and avoid the extra charges, WAMC offers all the support so that all proven hirings through a deep documental analysis made by our experts are appopriately registered on Siscoserv. 

Our Siscoserv solutions include: 

1. Classification of the company; 
2. Determination of the approach of the provision of services, intangibles and other operations that produce variations on the patrimony;
3. Registry; 
4. Transmission of the data to the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service; 
5. Final report for control/archiving.

Has your company checked if you’re fitting the specifications? Do you have any doubts on this matter? You can count on the assistance of our analysts. We can certainly help.

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