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Specialized Team

WAMC Log have a highly qualified team of professionals that works on different areas to take care of your shipment. From accountants to human resources professionals, through customs brokers and import and export analysts. We have specialists in taxation and a whole legal body for any customer demand, like tax analysis and solutions for deductions of costs through special customs regimes.

We know about International Trade

WAMC Log operates throughout the logistics chain: international freight, customs clearance, road transportation, international insurance, consulting and advice for any kind of merchandise. We analise all possibilities of mix of transport modalities: air, sea, road and/or rail.

While your company focuses on your business, WAMC Log manages the import and export of your products so that the entire process flows naturally and quickly

Solutions designed for your business

Does your company needs a unique solution? WAMC Log develops import and export solutions according to your specific business needs. We advise and structure a foreign trade operation appropriate to your business model, aligned with all legal and tax procedures designed specific to any mode of operation.

We closely follow the process so that your merchandise goes out or enters the country through the best logistics, with the shortest term and affordable costs.

The partner you look for your import and export operations.

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