International shipping

Due the current challenges of international logistics, it is essential that importers and exporters choose a reliable logistics provider that, above all, deliver adequate solutions for their needs.

WAMC Log has been in the freight forwarding market for over 20 years. Such maturity in its connections and logistics solutions allows it to create personalized strategies for its clients that involve modes, routes, and cost-effectiveness.

We know that negotiating with other nations requires special attention to several details, based on transparency and dedication. We know in depth the rules and legislation of each product so that your company does not have to worry or have surprises during the shipment.


Gerenciamento de cadeia logística
Embarques “Full Container” e consolidados (FCL e LCL)
Projetos logísticos especiais
Seguro Internacional
Frete Internacional Aéreo, Marítimo e Rodoviário
Transporte Rodoviário Interno (coleta/entrega)
Embarques “Door-to-Door”